These lists were created by Irene Melabiotis, a doctoral student at the University of Western Ontario. Each list was verified to the point that each term within retrieves at least one unique and relevant citation related to inclusive education.

The definition of Inclusive Education here relates to students who have some form of exceptionality, e.g., disability (as opposed to the wider definition of inclusiveness which may refer to contexts such as ethnicity). There are a great number of potential terms for Inclusive Education; so many in fact that it was necessary to break things down into five separate searches. Even so, it will likely be necessary to use the command line when searching in Proquest databases (such as ERIC and PsycINFO).

An alternative to the detailed search filters is to try just the related polysemic terms in a filter. This will be more general and not as precise however if the other search filters used in the search are specific it may work out.

Polysemic search filter = (accessibility OR inclusive OR inclusion OR integration OR mainstream*)

Rich Text Search Filters

1. Accessibility

"access* for adult*" OR "access* for all" OR "access* for child*" OR "access* for divers*" OR "access* for student*" OR "access* program*" OR "access* to all" OR "access* to child*" OR "access* to class" OR "access* to classroom*" OR "access* to college*" OR "access* to deaf*" OR "access* to high school*" OR "access* to learn*" OR "access* to post-secondary" OR "access* to postsecondary" OR "access* to school*" OR "access* to secondary" OR "access* to student*" OR "access* to the learn*" OR "access* to universit*" OR "access to computer*" OR "access to curricul*" OR "access to education*" OR "access to higher education*" OR "access to information*" OR "access* to special" OR "access to teach*" OR "access to the curricul*" OR "access to the general" OR "Accessibility (for disabled)" OR "accessibility aid" OR "accessibility of information" OR "accessible learning" OR "curricul* access*" OR "disabilit* and access*" OR "inclusi* and access*" OR "student* access*"

2. Inclusion

"climate of inclusi*" OR "concept* of inclusion" OR "disabilit* and inclusi*" OR "divers* and inclu*" OR "diversity inclusion" OR "early childhood inclusion" OR "education* inclusi*" OR "full* inclu*" OR "goal* of inclu*" OR "group inclusion"OR "implementation of inclusi*"OR "includ* a child" OR "includ* a group*" OR "includ* a student" OR "includ* adolescent*" OR "includ* all student*" OR "includ* and serv* student*" OR "includ* at-risk" OR "includ* deaf*" OR "includ* gifted" OR "includ* handicapped" OR "includ* high school*" OR "includ* learn*" OR "includ* pupil*" OR "includ* student*" OR "includ* the child" OR "includ* the handicapped" OR "includ* the individuals with" OR "includ* the student*" OR "includ* young*" OR "includ* youth*" OR "included in general education" OR "inclusi* activit*" OR "inclusi* agenda*" OR "inclusi* and integrat*" OR "inclusi* approach*" OR "inclusi* attitude*" OR "inclusi* classes" OR "inclusi* classroom*" OR "inclusi* curricul*" OR "inclusi* educat*" OR "inclusi* in education*" OR "inclusi* environment*" OR "inclusi* in school*" OR "inclus* instruction*" OR "inclusi* learning" OR "inclusi* literature*" OR "inclusi* model*" OR "inclusi* movement*" OR "inclusi* pedagog*" OR "inclusi* placement*" OR "inclusi* polic*" OR "inclusi* practice*" OR "inclusi* program*" OR "inclusi* reform*" OR "inclusi* school*" OR "inclusi* setting*" OR "inclusi* strateg*" OR "inclusi* student*" OR "inclusi* style of teaching" OR "inclusi* teach*" OR "inclusion at" OR "inclusion for"OR "inclusion in early childhood" OR "inclusion in physical education" OR "inclusion in practice*" OR "inclusion in primary" OR "inclusion of adolescent*" OR "inclusion of all children" OR "inclusion of all students" OR "inclusion of child*" OR "inclusion of learn*" OR "inclusion of people" OR "inclusion of pupils" OR "inclusion of special" OR "inclusion of student*" OR "inclusion of the student*" OR "inclusion of young" OR "Inclusion Only" OR "inclusion through" OR "inclusive charter" OR "inclusive college*" OR "inclusive early childhood" OR "inclusive elementary" OR "inclusive general" OR "inclusive high school*" OR "inclusive kindergarten*" OR "inclusive leader*" OR "inclusive math*" OR "inclusive middle school*" OR "inclusive music" OR "inclusive oral kindergarten" OR "inclusive physical education" OR "inclusive postsecondary" OR "inclusive prekindergarten" OR "inclusive preschool*" OR "inclusive primary" OR "inclusive science" OR inclusiveness OR inclusivity OR "mainstream* inclusion" OR "practice* of inclusi*" OR "preschool inclusi*" OR "process* of inclusion" OR "provid* inclusi*" OR "school* inclusion" OR "social* inclu*"

3.‘inclusive teaching philosophies/programs/strategies/techniques’

"academic accommodation*" OR "accommodat* all" OR "accommodat* and modifi*" OR "accommodat* child*" OR "accommodat* disabled" OR "accommodat* divers*" OR "accommodat* for adult*" OR "accommodat* for individual*" OR "accommodat* for learn*" OR "accommodat* for student*" OR "accommodat* learn*" OR "accommodat* model*" OR "accommodat* practice*" OR "accommodat* the learn*" OR "accommodation of all" OR "adapt* and accommodat*" OR "adapt* for deaf*" OR "adapt* for gifted" OR "adapt* for special" OR "adapt* for student*" OR "adapt* for young*" OR "adapt* instruction*" OR "adapted physical education" OR "Adaptive Learning Environment* Model" OR "all learners" OR "alternat* assessment*" OR "alternative teaching" OR "assessment accommodation*" OR "assist* instruction*" OR "assistive device*" OR "assistive technolog*" OR "Augmentative and Alternative Communication*" OR "Augmentative Communication*" OR "behavioral consultation*" OR "behavioural consultation*" OR "blended learning" OR "Capabilit* Approach*" OR "Chapter 1 program*" OR "Chapter 1 service*" OR "class* accommodation*" OR "class* inclusi*" OR "co-education*" OR coeducation* OR "communication technolog*" OR "competency-based education*" OR "competency-based learning" OR "computer assisted learn*" OR "computer assisted test*" OR "Computer Uses in Education" OR "cooperative learning" OR "cooperative teaching" OR "co-teach*" OR "coteach*" OR "curricul* adaptation*" OR "curricul* integration" OR "curricul* modification*" OR "developmentally appropriate practice*" OR "differentiated instruction*" OR "Direct Instruction*" OR "disabilit* accommodation*" OR "divers* curricul*" OR "divers* instruction*" OR "diverse learn*" OR "divers* student*" OR "diversity education" OR "diversity inclusion" OR "education* accommodation*" OR "education* need*" OR "education* opportunit*" OR "education* strateg*" OR "education for every student" OR "equal* education*" OR "equal* opportunit*" OR "equit* education*" OR "equity in education*" OR "explicit* instruct*" OR "inclusi* reform*" OR "instruction* accommodation*" OR "instruction* adaptation*" OR "Integrated Service* Delivery Model*" OR "learning of all" OR "mediation* model*" OR "natural setting*" OR "paraprofessional* support*" OR "participatory approach*" OR "reaching all children" OR "reaching all students" OR "Respons* to Intervention*" OR "scaffold* instruct*" OR "scaffold* learn*" OR "scaffold* model*" OR "scaffold* strateg*" OR "scaffold* teach*" OR "specially designed instruction*" OR "strategy-based instruction" OR "student* adapt*" OR "student* participation" OR "student-centered curricul*" OR "supplement* instruction*" OR "supplementary aid*" OR "teach* collaborat*" OR "teaching inclusiv*" OR "team teach*" OR "Technology Uses in Education" OR "test* accommodation*" OR "test* modifi*" OR "*tiered instruction*" OR "*tiered intervention*" OR "Universal Design for Instruction" OR "Universal Design for Learning" OR "universal instruction* design*" OR "university access program*" OR "whole language" OR "whole-school reform*" OR "whole-school restructur*" OR "writing accommodation*" OR "Zone of Proximal Development"

4. Integration

"curricul* integration" OR deinstitutionali* OR "desegregated class*" OR "desegregated school*" OR "education* integrat*" OR "inclusi* and integrat*" OR "integrat* and inclu*" OR "integrat* child*" OR "integrat* class*" OR "integrat* curricul*" OR "integrat* divers*" OR "integrat* early childhood" OR "integrat* education*" OR "integrat* elementary" OR "integrat* handicapped" OR "integrat* into the general education*" OR "integrat* learner*" OR "integrat* preschool*"OR "integrat* school*" OR "integrat* secondary school*" OR "integrat* special" OR "integrat* student*" OR "integrat* teach*" OR "integrat* the adolescent*" OR "integrated high school*" OR "integration of a special" OR "integration of all"OR "integration of disabled" OR "integration of handicapped" OR "integration of learn*" OR "integration of preschool*" OR "integration of pupil*" OR "integration of special" OR "integration of student*" OR "integration of young*" OR "integration process*" OR "meaningful* integrat*" OR "physical integration" OR "regular class* integration" OR "reintegrat* into" OR "school* desegregat*" OR "school* reintegrat*" OR "school* integration" OR "social* and academic* integrat*" OR "social* integrat*" OR "student* integrat*" OR "technolog* integrat*"

5. Mainstreaming

"main-stream* primary" OR "main-stream* school*" OR "mainstream* and special*" OR "mainstream* class*" OR "mainstream* educat*" OR "mainstream* elementary" OR "mainstream* high school*" OR "mainstream* inclusion" OR "mainstream* kindergarten*" OR "mainstream* learn*" OR "mainstream* middle school*" OR "mainstream* pre-school*" OR "mainstream* preschool*" OR "mainstream* primary" OR "mainstream* pupil*" OR "mainstream* school*" OR "mainstream* secondary" OR "mainstream* setting*" OR "mainstream* student*" OR "mainstream* teach*" OR "mainstream* universit*" OR "mainstream academic class*" OR mainstreamed OR mainstreaming OR "need* in mainstream*" OR "to mainstream*"