Search terms about searching the Literature

"database search*" OR "search filter*" OR "information retrieval" OR "information seeking" OR "information resource seeking" OR "keyphrase extraction" OR keyword* OR "key term*" OR "library user education" OR "literature search*" OR "bibliographic search" OR nomenclature OR "query formulation" OR "search strateg*" OR "search term*" OR "semantic tag*" OR "subject heading*" OR "search hedge*" OR "terminology management" OR "online searching" OR "synonym ring" OR "synonym list" OR "synonym cluster" OR "pearl growing" OR "pearl harvesting" OR "citation tracking" OR "citation chasing" OR "citation chaining" OR "ancest* search*" OR "quality filter*" OR "clinical quer*" OR textwords OR "text words" OR "text mining" OR "text data mining"


Folksonomy or tagging (from J. Trant, 2008) as a form of building keywords

folksonom* OR "community catalogunig" OR "cataloguing by crowd" OR "socail classification" OR "social tagging" OR ethnoclassication OR "social bookmarking"