Pearl Harvesting Comprehensive Search Filtersfor searching research literature

created byRobert Sandieson,B.A. Mathematics, Ph.D. Applied PsychologyAssociate Professor, Faculty of Education, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada
email: sandie@uwo.ca
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Campbell Collaboration Workshop on Pearl Harvesting, Belfast, Ireland, June 2017

  • The Premise: information retrieval is an act of communication between the information seeker, author(s), and database indexer(s).
  • The Goal: to create search synonym rings or search filters containing the search terms that can comprehensively identify specific topics.

  • The published articles linked here describe the Pearl Harvesting approach to finding and validating search terms that comprise synonym rings.
  • Once developed the search filters can be copied and pasted into the search fields of databases.
  • This list of synonym rings have been developed by those working with the Pearl Harvesting Theory but also include synonym rings developed by others.

IMPACT: Pearl Harvesting Synonym Rings are used internationally - as reported by: 30 organizations and universities, 21 graduate theses,11 published systematic review protocols, and 19 journal articles/books/conference presentations. This wiki is viewed by people from over 50 countries.